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Sorry about that, you see I have had to move all of my belongings across the country (from my uni flat to my parents house). Which meant ROAD TRIP! And also that I’ve been travelling for fourteen hours straight and I could just about collapse and fall asleep. I also haven’t had my meds at all today which is awful but I will survive I say. 

So, apart from being misgendered constantly by my dad and him being patronising and mildly transphobic, it was pretty good. 

I also came home to discover my mum had tidied my room and put all my sextoys, lube and condoms neatly in a box on my shelf. 

That was… nice of her I guess. I love my super liberal, open minded, sex positive mother XD

Anyway, I’m too exhausted to write a real post right now, so this will have to do. Will be back to regular programming soon. Peace out guys x